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Patio Umbrella Stand


Want to enjoy your time with friends and family without constant glaring of the sun? Here’s the solution!


Patio Umbrella Stand


If you love hanging out in your backyard and you don’t want the glaring sun put a stop on your day outdoors, BCP has the solution! Upgrade your outdoor space with our stylish & functional patio outdoor shades & umbrellas. Umbrella adds a cooling and colorful addition to every outdoor sitting area.


Patio Umbrella Stand



Our 4-Piece Cantilever Offset Patio Umbrella Stand is made with interconnecting pins to lock your umbrella base in place and secure it for hours of enjoyment. The plates are made of HDPE plastic to withstand impact and constant movement. BCP also has the moving umbrella stand and you can easily lock your wheels anywhere in your yard. Half Patio Umbrella stand is designed with rust-free resin for the long-lasting use.


At BCP, we not only care about the quality of products but also care about its sustainability in the weather. 81lb Concrete Umbrella Base Stand made from heavy concrete with a weather-resistant polyurethane jacket for added strength and longevity to last many years. The style is the first anyone notices, so we make sure that the umbrella stands are clean, black finish seamlessly complements most outdoor decor and won’t detract from your patio or garden and can complement your yard.


Patio Umbrellas



With BCP umbrellas you can turn your outdoor dining area into a lounge for family and friends. Our 10ft 360 Degree Rotating Patio Umbrella has a smooth gliding handle and 5 tilt settings allow you to adjust the shade and block the sun at various angles, keeping the area protected throughout the day. It is made of a 2-inch-thick, powder-coated aluminum pole to prevent rust and scratching, with a water-, UV-, and fade-resistant polyester fabric shade for years of vibrance. This large umbrella keeps groups of people protected from the sun, and the wind vent at the top of the umbrella allows cool air to flow through to prevent imbalance during higher-than-normal gusts.


Steel Market Patio Umbrella provides a convenient handle for easy opening/closing, while its adjustable easy-tilt system allows for optimal protection from the sun. Air can flow freely through an open space at the top of the canopy and creates a cooling cross breeze while adding extra stability against heavy winds. Rectangular Twin Patio Umbrella protects your patio, garden, and outdoor dining area with UV protection.


LED Patio Umbrella



You can enjoy outdoors with your friends and family day and night with the help pf our LED patio umbrella. It blocks sunlight during the day and shines even brighter during the night. Energy-efficient lights located on the umbrella’s ribs illuminate based on the sun’s brightness and have a run time of 9-12 hours. The LED Patio Umbrella comes with the USB port which uses solar energy to charge electronic devices and even detaches to use it as a power bank.


The perk of having a LED Patio Umbrella is its easy-tilt and crank system, the umbrella can be tilted with the push of a button to give coverage no matter the sun’s location, and a crank handle allows for easy closing/opening. The fade-resistant fabric lasts for years. LED lights powered by solar panels on the top of its pole, this offset umbrella saves energy while maintaining perfect lighting in the day and night; covers more space than traditional patio umbrellas.


Some Frequently Asked Questions:


Where is the USB port in the LED Patio Umbrella?

At the top of umbrella underneath a cap then you just plug it in.


Will the bottom of the Market Patio Umbrella rust if placed in water?

No, its made of aluminum so it will not rust.


Does the 4ft Umbrella base fit with the 360* turn swivel 10ft patio umbrella?

Yes, the base fits perfectly.


Can I use a regular base with Steel Market Patio umbrella?

Yes a regular base works fine.


What type of umbrella stand works well with the half patio umbrella?

The heavier the better. I say a minimum of 20 pounds is good.


Will the bug net screen fit on a 10ft patio umbrella?

Yes it will.


Here are some reviews by our customer:

Bug Net Screen

I bought the 9ft umbrella bug screen to go with the BCP 9ft solar umbrell I had recently purchased and love it! It is the perfect addition if you like to sit outside and not worry abput the bugs.

The base has a tube you fill with water and it hugs the deck as well as keeping the screen from blowing. The zipper is good quality. It is a little t

Read more about review stating Just the perfect addition!

ricky to get it up the first time, but I was able to do it alone. We love this set up, so much fun!!

Umbrella stand

Very versatile and exactly what I was hoping for. Now I don’t worry when breeze starts, I know my umbrella is safe.

LED Patio Umbrella

I love this umbrella! First, I love that the pedestal is not in the center and it doesn’t interfere in the area space. In the day the umbrella is easy to move and give us shade from the sun. At nights it is really cool to see the solar lights turn on and light up! I really love this umbrella, it was also easy to set up. Highly recommend it, shiping is super fast!


The pergola came quick and putting togather was not hard just like any other item this is a good product.

LED Half Patio Umbrella

I bought this umbrella because my kids hate eating indoors during the summer and it’s perfect to keep them protected from the sun by day and bonus it provides sufficient light for their out door diners!

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