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Stroke Treatment For Children With Sickle Cell Disease


We tend to think about strokes as something that takes place in old people. It would be more accurate to say « older » because the cut-off is all about age 55. Strokes do occur more frequently in adults 55 and older. But, while strokes are decreasing among seniors, the numbers are rising in those aged 20 to 54. In a recently published study, the percentage of strokes in adults younger than 55 rose from 13% in 1993 to 19% in 2005. That 6% difference may not seem like much, but in real numbers it indicates an additional 47,700 relatively young adults having a stroke each year. Consequently the typical age of individuals in the study having their first stroke fell from 71 in 1993 to 69 in 2005.

Consider this… based on the American Stroke Association, 795,000 Americans suffer strokes annually. Which means that in ตรวจโรคหลอดเลือดสมอง 151,050 of the strokes occurred in someone involving the ages of 20 and 54. How come this number rising?

One reason is that as medical technology improves, we can diagnose more strokes. Sometimes an individual may just have a vague sense of not feeling well. In the past a health care provider asked a lot of questions and then examined you from check out foot. He or she determined the thing that was wrong with you and, more frequently than not, was right. But a vague sensation of not feeling well and a small stroke with a normal examination might be very hard to diagnose. Nowadays a health care provider asks questions and does an examination but we now have CT scans and MRIs. We order a brain CT in someone with this vague feeling and see a stroke, where brain cells are injured, dying, or dead. That’s a patient whose stroke might not have been diagnosed before CT scans were available. So our new equipment helps us find more strokes. Unfortunately, that is just a small area of the answer. There really tend to be more strokes occurring in younger adults. But why?

We take it for granted that young adults are healthy. Their bodies haven’t had time to produce real problems and so, when a stroke occurs, it must signify something is extremely wrong. In adults younger than 45, trauma is the most typical reason behind stroke. It accounts for approximately 22% of strokes in this age group. With hemorrhagic strokes, where there’s a blood vessel rupture and bleeding, the second almost certainly cause is arteriovenous malformation. That is an abnormal number of arteries and veins a person is born with. Lupus, certain cancers, illicit drugs like ecstasy, cocaine and amphetamines, some blood diseases including sickle cell disease and thrombocytopenia. These are merely a some of the conditions that could increase the danger of stroke in the young. Women can have strokes related to birth control pills. About 5% of strokes in ladies occur after having a baby.

Strokes in young adults can also be due to the same factors that cause strokes in older adults. And that is the problem. How many strokes in young adults is increasing because people are developing those stroke risk factors at younger ages. More young adults, and even children, are overweight. Some are obese. Many have high blood pressure and diabetes. Increasing numbers have high cholesterol and smoke cigarettes. Most strokes occur after someone has already established those risk factors for most years. These traditional stroke risk factors are present at earlier ages and so, the results are occurring at younger ages.

Smoking is an essential and modifiable risk factor. It is in charge of an increased percentage of strokes in young adults than in older adults. With all that we’ve discovered smoking and its contribution to cancer, heart attacks, lung diseases, etc. why does anyone occupy this habit? How can anyone afford it?

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